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Marketing, Promotion & Branding

From business cards to billboards, we do it all. By handling all aspects of promoting our clients, we guarantee a coherent look and feel throughout and we save you money because we already have the materials in house.

Two of the most important considerations for any entity are a clear message and a memorable logo.
Naturally, the logos shown below are hot linked to their websites.
Salute e Vita Ristorante
Richmond BPAC
Bukay Media
Bikes? Yes!

Though we do love doing websites, traditional marketing is also fun and effective. Below are some examples of print marketing which were designed to supplement websites which we also designed.

Friends of the Piedmont Avenue Branch Library Richmond Municipal Natatorium (The Plunge) East Bay Living Ad
The Friends of the Piedmont Avenue Branch Library was facing budget cuts and possible closure and as a vital resource and community hub - it is the fourth busiest of the 17 branches in the system - and thanks to great teamwork it is open and busy. A post card promoting a clock as a fundraiser for the Richmond Municipal Natatorium (The Plunge). Sales of the clock have been very good - and the cards have helped generate additional donations.
.A full page ad in East Bay Living Magazine to promote Tim Jochner's vineyard planting business. It directs clients to and complements Tim's website at www.shadowbrookwinery.com.
And speaking of business cards...
Allied Vocational Training Center, Inc. North Richmond Shoreline Open Space Alliance
Red Oak Victory Ship Robbie Currie
Contra Costa Growers Association Sincere Desgin
Call or email us anytime - we love our work and we hope it shows!

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